Today marks 2 months that I have been riding the State Bicycle Co. Undefeated. When the guys from State Bicycle Co. asked if they could send over their Undefeated for a review I thought to myself “hell yes you can send it but you may have to change the name to the Defeated”. After riding the bike for a while I can honestly say this is not the case. I have put this bike through absolute hell. In the beginning I did not trust the bike. After 60 days of jumping the bike off every curb I encountered, hopping speed humps, a couple hundred wheelies, and ghost riding the whip a few (20) times I can say this bike is a strong, responsive, lightweight, and most importantly FUN!


On Arrival the State Undefeated was mostly assembled. You could simply tighten the cog and lockring, throw the bars and front wheel on, install seatpost, put on some pedals, air up the tires and be ready to roll. As with all of our bikes we like to make absolute sure that they are properly assembled so we stripped the Undefeated down to frame and built it back up.

The build up went smoothly with absolutely no issues.   After build up, I took the Undefeated out for the maiden voyage expecting it to rattle me to death or fall apart. The ride is quite smooth, especially for an aluminum frame in the rough streets of London. The frame geometry is comfortable and very responsive.


The Specs. The State Undefeated comes with a solid list of components. The seat post and stem are from the Ritchey Comp series and are quite lightweight. The cranks are Sram Omnium, which some people love and some people hate. I like them a lot because they are very stiff and I am a fan of external bottom brackets, while other don’t trust them. The headset is made by FSA and is very smooth. The frame is made of 7005 Aluminum and the fork is full carbon. All of these components add up to a solid complete, but not a perfect one.

After a couple of rides I swapped a few things.   First to go were the bars. The bullhorns that were supplied with the bike were awkward. (They slant up and just don’t feel right) I went to risers for a while and eventually put some drops on it. Next to go were the pedals. The Undefeated comes with Wellgo pedals and cages with a single strap, and single strap for anything fixed just doesn’t cut it for me. The final thing to go was the saddle. The supplied saddle is very similar to a Concor, which a lot of people love, but my ass is just not made for it. All of these changes were preference, none of the components were “bad” they just weren’t right for me.

After two weeks the front wheel needed to be trued and the tires were showing signs of wear. After two more weeks the front wheel needed to be trued again and the rear tire had to be replaced.


The look. This is where it gets tricky. Everywhere we went in the last month people have commented on it. Some said “that is a very attractive bike” or “that bike looks fast” while others said “dude, why are you riding such an ugly bike” and a few people have said things like it’s a “tark bike” or “it looks like a Leader”. Personally I am not a fan of the paint but like everything fixed gear related it just depends on your personal style.

The Good. The Undefeated rides great. It is very stiff but still super comfortable. It is a fast responsive bike. The dropouts are pretty beefy and solid. The full carbon forks are both strong and very light. The fact that this bike comes straight out of the box with Sram Omniums and a few Ritchey components is awesome too.

The Bad. The wheels that come stock on the complete are quite heavy and just would not stay true for me. Granted I was beating the shit out of them every chance I got, it’s still worth mentioning. The bullhorn bars were just not right. When you order the complete you get the option of what kind of bars you want, if given the chance I would definitely opt for some drops or risers.



The Verdict. All in all the State Bicycle Co. Undefeated is a solid all around bike. If you are looking for a bike to start racing at the track, training, or just fast riding around town for under $1000 this is your ride. If you are looking for a lightweight, low-budget aluminum frame to build up and like this style the Undefeated is hard to beat. Every time I ride the bike I like it a little bit more. I cannot speak on any of the other bikes made by State Bicycle Co. but this one is a winner! With a few small upgrades you can have a beast of a track bike for a very reasonable price.


    • Hey Spencer, I put on some Deda Streetissimo’s that I had laying around. They are pretty dope if you are just looking for a little set of risers. The price isn’t too bad either.

  1. State BlackLabel, UPGRADED, is my weekly cardio bike, Great quality, but don’t expect much from State customer service. They bite the big one, but their product more than compensates for their Crapo staff

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