barrage_cargo_rc2_v1barrage_cargo_rc2_v3Chrome Industries just dropped the Reflective Camo 2ND Issue line and these bags look dope! “For this edition, we found a Swedish M90 geometric camo, and overlaid a rain camo print with a special glass bead finish, which reflects light from up to 100 feet. During the day, these bags appear as Swedish geometric “M90” camo and at night the appearance in light is a reflective rain camo” To get one of your own before they are gone click here!





A few months before Zoe and I moved to London we started looking for frames that were better suited for the conditions. The roads here are complete shit, it rains all the time, bicycle theft is high and traffic is an absurd deathtrap.We began looking for responsive steel frames that we could beat the shit out of and that wouldn’t break the bank. After two months of research we found a small company from Santiago, Chile called Kamaleon Bikes. We sent emails back and forth and instantly hit off with one of the owners, Cristobal. After I inundated him with countless questions we decided the Kamaleon Lo Pro was the frame for us. Cristobal put me in contact with Jorge, the man in charge of KMLN Labs, in order to decide a paint scheme for our frames. After throwing a few ideas around we decided with an urban camo of Jorge’s creation. In just a few short weeks our frames were done and on our doorstep.

Since then we have ridden these frames every day. Not once have we had any issues. They ride beautifully, the rigid heavy steel smooths out the London roads like butter. The tight pursuit geometry is ultra twitchy and responsive. Coupled with clean welds and awesome paint, this frame is splendidly striking. After riding high-end frames for quite some time now I was afraid that I would run into issues with the Lo Pro, but after these few months satisfaction has replaced my apprehension.

With all reviews there has to be some negatives, as nitpicky as they may be. As with all lo pro bikes, the toe overlap on Zoe’s smaller frame (52 cm, size S) is pretty extreme which make weaving in and out of traffic a bit of a pain. The weight of the frame makes carrying it up and down the stairs of our flat a chore. But as previously stated this is just nitpicking and moderate laziness.

For such a new company we could not be anymore happy with the end product. The Kamaleon Bikes Lo Pro is a quick, responsive frame with a lot of heart. We are very excited to see what is next for Kamaleon. For more info on the company and where to order click here!