We are Drew and Zoe.

We ride bikes.

We blog about everything fixed gear from all over the world.

Simple and to the point.

There is and should be nothing more complicated than that.

Pedal Harder, Go Faster.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. hey guys,

    how are you?

    really love your posts, i follow you also on instagram! (i am @dermanaviv)

    i have a question about chain wear.
    i ride a fixed gear bike (#RedSteelIsReal Colossi Rambler Track, size 54, gear ratio 15-48, it’s six months old and i ride an average of 10km a day).

    i understand chains wear out with time, but how can i, as a rider tell? do i need to buy a tool like the Shimano TL-CN42/Park Tool Chain Wear Indicator or such? perhaps there is a simpler way to tell (other then going to a fixed gear bike shop of course)?

    nowadays for example i feel my chain squeaks, even though i oiled it a little while ago (and cleaned it right after with a piece of cloth, so that dirt does not stick to it). i take good care of my bike and dont ever leave it outside in the cold. and so now i feel it does not roll smoothly..

    i thank you so much in advance,


    • Hello Aviv,

      Sorry for the late reply. We have been dealing with health issues for most of 2015. As far as your question a chain wear tool is a great option. If you have a squeak in your chain I would look for stiff links within your chain. I would also check the rear hub (including cog and lockring) and the bottom bracket/crankset. I hope that helps.

      Thanks so much for the support!

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