imagesI would like to start by saying out of all the rims I have rode in the past, these are by far the best. Fairly priced at $60 (USD) each, these rims are both affordable and of high quality.

The Archetype is made of G609 Aluminum Alloy which is 30% stronger than a 6061 Aluminum, what Velocity Deep V’s are made out of. This difference in strength is very noticeable when using a lower spoke count and/or radially lacing the rim. The rim itself weighs 470 grams. When compared to Velocity Deep V’s weighing in at 580 grams (110 grams heavier) or the ever popular B43 weighing 770 grams (300 grams heavier) you begin to see that the Archetype is a good choice for weight weenie crowd.


The Archetype has a height of 25mm and a width of 23mm. While the height helps with stiffness and may give aerodynamic support the width is where the Archetype comes into its own. The wider rim allows the clincher rim to act as if it were a tubular which can be felt tremendously in the corners.

I have been riding these rims for 10 months now without any issues whatsoever. They have not come out of true once and they still look like new. I have ridden them on the smooth roads of Tennessee and the roughest cobblestone London has to offer. These rims are extremely strong and I would put them up against any other rim on the market today.

DCIM100GOPROIf you have any questions, want a review on another product, or want us to review your product email me. My info is in the contact tab at the top of the page.

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