Tru Fixed Kru made this video of their race at a go cart track, that’s right a go cart track!

“We gathered all 100 riders in a go cart track for a bloody race called ASINSSPIEDIENS. This is not another criterium race as it may look. Asinsspiedien’s concept is to go four by four as fast as you can two laps with approximate overall distance of 500 meters and try to stay on your feet in this really slippery track with very sharp corners. This race has two different groups – Fixed and Freewheel. In this race it is allowed to compete with any type of bike. It may be a bmx, fixed gear, downhill, mtb, mtb with a fixed hub and drop bars or any other even three wheeled bike for better satbility in corners.”

Video filmed and edited by Kristaps Dzenis & Aleksandrs Muižnieks

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