4_logo2_logo6_logo Our friend from Berlin is doing some amazing things for track cycling. Tired of coming out of you Looks ? This is the answer many have been looking for!

is a toe strap pedal adapter suitable for Look 2 Max

Polyamide are constructed from a very fine, granular powder. The result is a strong, somewhat flexible material that can take impacts and resist pressure while being bent.

Selective laser sintering is used to build this material. The models are printed layer by layer by a laser that draws thin lines in the powder.

Polyamide models are not suited for outdoor use as they absorb moisture.
However, on request, the material can be treated to make it watertight.

If you would like to have this adapter suitable for other pedals please let me know, at the 10th request I will start a new process of design, prototype and production for the model wanted.

Get in contact with”


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