Cycling is a very competitive sport. Everyone wants to be the fastest, ride the best bikes, and winning is quite addictive. In the last couple of years we have devoted our lives to cycling. We love it more than anything. In our eyes cycling = freedom. When I hop on my bike (fixed gear or bmx) it is a feeling like no other. The only thing that matters while riding is keeping the rubber down and conquering whatever goal is set for that days ride. Somedays are better than others. Somedays I want to throw my bike in a gutter and say fuck it all. Blown tires, faulty equipment, traffic, and weather usually play a part in that feeling.

In the last six months we have had nothing but support from the cycling community. Everyone has helped out in helping us meet our goals. For this we are forever grateful and in a way it has renewed our love for cycling. Do you remember when you were a kid and you hopped on your bike? In that moment nothing else mattered. Today the feeling is the same. It is not about what you ride, where you ride, or who you ride with. It is just the fact that you are riding.

We have not received any hate mail in a very long time. This week two people decided to change that. One was just blatant hate and the other had to do with my past. In the past I have been a dick head, a bit of an elitist  and sometimes hate filled. For this I would like to apologize.

We created this blog in January with the hopes to squash all the bullshit and bring you all of the best coverage within the fixed gear world. This includes support. Supporting riders, racers, races, communities, rides, videographers, photographers, crews, small companies, large companies,  and anything else having to do with fixed gear culture. So many sites now a days spend all of their time posting about what is happening in their specific area and we like to focus on what is happening all around the world.

At the end of the day we are all riders. When I see the hate that is happening within fixed gear culture it makes me realize how stupid I have acted in the past. If you really think that shit talking is going to help your cause or cycling in general you are WRONG. Hate only creates drama. Drama is the opposite of what cycling is all about. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a racer and you want to talk a little shit to get under your competitors skin, by all means do it. But if you are just talking shit to get attention then you might want to rethink that move. Cycling is all about family. Whether for you it’s the people within your city, your crew, or just the people you ride these people ARE your cycling family. What you might not realize is that this family can be extended to the whole cycling community, regardless of the type of riding you do. From one end of earth to the other we all have one thing in common, CYCLING IS OUR LIFE. There has always been a brotherhood (and/or sisterhood) whether you realize it or not. Have you ever had a flat and a roadie pull up with tubes? Ever been hit by a car and cyclist pull up to make sure you are ok or to make sure that the driver doesn’t run? Ever needed help getting up the last leg of a monster climb and a stranger ride by and say you can do it? These are all examples of how the family works together. Don’t get me wrong like any family there will always be fights, drama, and bullshit but don’t let that discourage you. Keep a positive attitude and help when you can. This is the key not only to cycling but to life as a whole.

It took me 29 years to finally understand how to live a decent life. I have made good and bad choices throughout my life and will continue to do so. One thing you won’t see me doing anymore is hating on anyone or anything because it is different or not my style.

The new moto is “Support Everyone or Get The Fuck Out”. I am standing by this one until the day I die, hopefully on a bicycle at 90 years old.

2 thoughts on “FUCK HATE

  1. We all have our demons. The one thing that will always remain is the fact that you are out riding, and just by doing so you are encouraging others to do the same. Every rider should have this mentality, especially in a town/city environment. We all share the same passion and the same earth we ride. Community builds friendships.
    One gear, one life.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I live in a city where fixed gear riders have a bad rep, and it’s not “as popular.” I’m trying to change that. When people hate on what I’m trying to do, I tell them I’m just trying to get people off there asses and on bikes. I just want to show them that there is more to life than a video games and Mcdonalds. I don’t care what you ride, as long as you get out and ride.

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