$_57Leader is auctioning off a 721 frame to help Joe Celso with her hospital bills. This is a solid cause. If you are in a position to help out place a bid!

All the details are here…

“On August 12, Jo Celso (7-time Wolfpack Hustle dogtag holder and inaugural women’s Red Hook Criterium winner) was involved in a multi-rider crash at the San Diego Velodrome’s Tuesday Night Racing.  She was run into while on the ground, resulting in a collapsed lung, multiple broken ribs, a concussion, and numerous abrasions and contusions. She was taken by ambulance to Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest for emergency procedures. Jo spent three agonizing nights at the hospital before being released.

While we currently do not know the extent of Jo’s medical bills, she will also be unable to work for several weeks, resulting in much lost income, as Jo works as a massage therapist and is an independent contractor. Sadly, Jo will also miss her trip to Barcelona to defend her Red Hook Criterium title on August 30.

Jo has already generously received the love, support, cookies, burritos, visits, and laughter (althought it hurts her!) from her friends, and we hate to ask, but we would greatly appreciate any small amount that can be spared. Hopefully Jo will be recovered soon and back to kicking butt at life, working toward her cycling goals as well as finishing school.

If all goes according to plan, Jo will recover quickly like the mutant she is and race Red Hook Milano and the final two Wolfpack Hustle races of 2014, where she has already secured the women’s championship in the Unified Title Series.

Thank you so much for all of the support we’ve received so far!”

Place your bid here!


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