Sharp 3

Just about a year ago, right before we left for London, Drew and I had to buy helmets. At every opportunity I would try helmets on and all were terrible, or terribly expensive, until I tried the Louis Garneau Sharp.

Aesthetically, it is simple. With the 22 vents you get the fancy race helmet look and great ventilation.

Sharp 2

The back has an adjustable stabilizing strap. It allows you to tighten the fit with a quick turn of the wheel to fit you perfectly.

Sharp 1

Unlike Drew’s helmet, the Specialized Propero II, the Louis Garneau Sharp, has a fully adjustable chin strap.

It is safety certified with two different construction features that reinforce the structure and integrity of the helmet. So don’t worry your brain is safe as well as fashionable.

Sharp 4

Without a cycling cap it is cool enough in the summer, an issue I had in Las Vegas, NV with previous helmets. It also comes with replacement pads, though they are washable.

The newer models of the helmet are comparable with their edge visor and also come in Women’s colors.

For me this is the best helmet. I have been lucky enough to never have had to really test its safety features, but price, aesthetics and comfort this is a great helmet.

To pick one up click here.

Ride Fast, Stay Safe


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