Arregui Velazquez Proto C


Arregui Velazquez is building some amazing bikes in Madrid, Spain.

The newest project, Proto C is both beautiful and functional.

“So, Proto C (from prototipo C) is a urban fixed gear bike with some special features. We started making frames 10 years ago, in 2009, when we were converting or tweaking old road bikes/track bikes into fixed gear for a urban use. We were and still are crazy about steel fixed and track bikes. From a functional and aestheticaly point of view there was no better for us than Keirin NJS frames and components. Now everything has evolved but we still in love with the japanese steel track bikes and we wanted to do something between the lines and get the better of the new tubes from our friends at @columbus_official whilst using (as we did back then) used Keirin parts directly bought from Japan. Mix the best of the old and new.
The result is Proto C, and gets is name because the idea, perhaps, who knows, is to produce it, make some frames in small batches once we have tried and find the best variation is changes are needed. Don’t know if this project will ever see the light but so far its an amazing ride. We had to modify the fork (Columbus Futura caliper) and be quite precise with the tolerance of the wheels that we are using, 700×33 @somafab / @panaracer_japan Supple Vitesse tires, plenty of grip and absorption for al the irregularities and batches that you can find in Madrid city roads. Broad handlebar stem combo (we call it “Sharkie” type); we love Keirin track drops but they are certainly a pain for the city! broad all the way!.
NJS 170 Dura Ace cranks, HB-7600 Dura Ace high flange hubs laced to H-plus Archetype, Soyo Keirin grips, @brooksengland Cambium saddle, @3tbike Zero 25 carbon saddle seat post, @mkspedal Custom nuevo pedals, MKS Alpha Fit straps and MKS LL steel toe clips.
At the moment only by order and made to measure. Have a look to our web, @arregui_velazquez – ( to get an idea of the prices and delivery times. Drop a line if you have more questions!!!”

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