Little_Wing_ProfileLittle_Wing_Front_WideLittle_Wing_DetailBack_Detail_1Seat_MastMike from No. 22 Bikes sent over some shots of their Little Wing frame. The frame is made of 3Al-2.5V American-milled aerospace grade titanium. You may be asking what does that mean to us ? Well titanium offers a strength to weight ratio that far surpasses aluminum and steel. Want a ultra stiff frame for sprints? This is all you! 

“Our approach with the Little Wing was to create a track bike with modern geometry and stiffness, but without losing the super-smooth ride quality of titanium. The bike is very, very stiff under power: we use nice beefy chainstays, an oversized head tube with a tapered fork, and of course the seat mast to keep things crisp and responsive at all contact points. Despite all that stiffness, though, the bike does a really good job of taming chatter and bumps.”


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