8bar-bikes-red-hook-crit-barcelona-rhc-constantin-gerlach-fixed-gear-fixie_005Our friends from 8bar did a great write up of their experience at Red Hook Crit Barcelona.

“Then suddenly my tires slipped at a hairpin and I went down. There was another guy from Team F.A.S.T. right behind me who couldn’t change his line F.A.S.T. enough and made a flip over my rear wheel (sorry Yvo). Luckily we both got back on our bikes and tried to close the gap to the first group. Unfortunately my sight was kind of blurry. First I thought I had sweat in my eye… but then I realized that I lost one of my contact lenses and did another 10 laps with just 50% of my eyesight.”

Check out the full report here.

Photo by Constantin Gerlach