Cycle Project Store just finished up a Soma Rush build and it is fire! In a world where everyone seems to be moving towards cheap aluminum cookie cutter frame sets it’s quite refreshing to see a build like this. Classic track geometry and Tange Prestige tubing, this new school build takes us back to what track bikes used to be.

Check out more about this frame here.

What do yo think about the build?


  1. hi there…btw credits to TR Bikes too for bringing in the Soma Rush frame…Cycle Project Store are also a great help in building up the bike, giving some good pointers/recommendations as well when sourcing the parts…

  2. Hey! I built up my soma rush very similarly and I loved it! Until yesterday. My drive side chainstay weld failed at the rear dropout. Ive only had it for about 6 months. Be careful everyone!
    Also, Soma’s frame warranty is practically non existent, so keep that in mind!

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