Grim 7
This year we had the opportunity to attend Bespoked at the Lee Valley Velodrome. One of the exhibitors that we met there were the guys from Grim. [We have featured their bespoke track frame on the blog here.] Before they made frames however, they made messenger bags, and from my experience quite a good one.

Since I started riding fixed gear bicycles I have ridden a messenger bag and by far the Grim Burton Messenger Bag is the most comfortable. When I first unpacked it and put it on, even empty, I noticed that it was way more comfortable than the bags I have used in the past. This is due to a padded back. Ingenious!

Grim 1

The laptop sleeve and the back of the bag itself have a layer of padding that makes wearing the bag a dream, even with multiple locks and a laptop as cargo.

Grim 2

On the front it also has a small velcro pocket, perfect for access cards, wallets, pens and anything else you may need quickly.

Grim 6

It also has a front zippered pocket. Personally this is my second favorite feature. This is perfect for keeping a tool kit and pump separate from the rest of your things. Because why loose everyday space to things you (hopefully) don’t need everyday?!

The strap itself is wide and very comfortable. It can be switched easily from left shoulder to right shoulder…

Grim 4

…and has a u-lock holster! Which is very nice for short trips or really full bags. (Pictured here with a prototype cell phone pouch from Mack Workshop)

Grim 5
The reflective strip is moveable and removable. (The Fixed Life was lucky enough to get a custom reflective strip!)

Grim 8

The bag itself is made out of weather proof, heavy duty material with chunky closure clips. With the whole bag itself designed to keep rain out.

There is one downside to this bag. The closure straps are sometimes too short for large loads. This reduces the amount of flappy strap material flopping off your bag when you ride but sucks when you have a large box to get from A to B.

All together it is a great bag. Super comfortable and easy to get on and off.

More information can be found here and you can pick one up here.

Enjoy your ride!



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