Pici Bici is taking pre-orders for their new kit. Instead of just posting pictures they decided to make this sweet video! For more pics 

“After testing the design and fit for almost a year and a lot of interest from all of you, we have decided that now is the time to make our Pici Bici family even bigger. None of us wanted to rush things and sell you something that we don’t believe in, so after making sure that we are absolutely satisfied with the product, we are making it available for preorders. ”

These look great and with the attention to detail I am sure this kit will be amazing! Go grab one here!9106-65451062590f425f88f7a0796fa87b6e9106-627aae34a6d64581bc1236140edc0654-19106-150b0a1eac6347eea15d8c4bb1167cb9


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