RDRC_AD_HHThe guys over at Rad Race have opened registration for the Last Man Standing race in Hamburg!

From what I have read this is going to be an amazing event! The race will take place on a 850m clean paved route. There will be lots of different classes including women’s! Don’t sleep on this one. I attached a photo of the route below. For more information and to sign up go here!

“It is a last man standing event are, so a elimination race in the KO system with 20 riders per race.After each round, the slowest driver eliminated. We expect that we will go from first knockout round, so with about 160 male drivers and 40 female drivers from the semi-final. And then you go through to the final, where 20 riders will leave a winner. Report to yourselves please, so that we can plan the event better. Should you already be pre-registered, then ye need not sign new again.”


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