Recently I have been talking to some friends about the fixed gear scene, where it is heading, and what it means to us. In the early days of “The Fixed Life” I had a completely different outlook. I much like a lot of others had a huge ego. I wanted to be the fastest, have the best bikes, and be a HUGE ASSHOLE ABOUT EVERYTHING. In the past few months I have watched everything that is going on and I have been quiet, kept my mouth shut, and done my own thing.  Different crews are feuding or companies writing hate filled blogs about their competitors and how they don’t deserve to be in this pedal driven world because they are out to make a dollar instead of for the greater good. This all seems a little bit ridiculous to me. I understand that with any sport there has to be major competition and sometimes this turns into aggression which can lead to hate. Throughout my whole life values have been instilled into me; be the best, don’t take shit from anyone, work harder than everyone else, and do whatever you have to do to succeed.  Continue reading