IMG_5382It’s a cold one today in London. Between the wind and the tourist riding here can sometimes be a nightmare. We have been working so hard on the blog, upcoming race, training, and trying to see everything there is to see here. With only 5 months left in London we are hoping to do some traveling. A ride from London to Bristol is in the works as well as a trip to Leeds for the start of the Tour de France. It would be a lie to say we don’t miss the states, mostly our families that we left behind to embark on this journey. Lots of people have been asking what’s next after London and the honest answer is we have no idea. It is a scary situation to be in not knowing what the future holds. Just the thought that life as we know it will never be the same is an eery concept. Sometimes we have to take chances. Just roll the dice and see what happens. This is how we have lived since the day I met Zoe. I guess as long as I have her in my life everything will be just fine!

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