Rain coats are terrible. They are stuffy, hardly ever fit correctly, loud and generally suck because it means that you are riding in the rain, which no body likes. The waterproof jacket by 4RIZ breaks the mold.


By far and away this is the most breathable jacket I have ever used. The lining of the jacket is a breathable mesh, which makes riding comfortable and not like being trapped in a plastic bag. Underarm zips open to reveal vents, supplementing breathability on those especially muggy  rainy days.


Though breathable the jackets waterproofing does not suffer. The front and rear pocket zippers are taped. The three other front pocket zippers are not exposed to the elements either. Though not taped they are covered, effectively protecting any pesky rain water from dampening your pockets. With long (but removable) zipper pulls you won’t be fumbling to unzip a pocket even in the thickest of gloves.


Reflective elements on the sleeves and rear pocket increase your visibility without damaging this understated jackets aesthetics.


While the adjustable elements on the sleeves make sure no rain trickles inside.


Such features are also present around the bottom of the jacket as well. The jacket is cut asymmetrically so it also covers your butt, minimizing risk for a soggy seat.


Within the hood there is a internal hat of sorts, which prevents the hood to fly off your head when riding in wind. Coupled with the drawstrings, this hood goes beyond comparable rain jackets from several high-end companies.

This jacket can also be stuffed into the back pocket when not in used. For ease of transport within a messenger bag or backpack. Allowing you to have it when it starts to drizzle.

The guys over at 4RIZ did such a good job I  have been wearing this jacket daily. While being breathable it also keeps you quite warm. By far, it is one of the most functional and attractive waterproof cycling jacket’s on the market today.

The official website is coming soon.

In the meantime 4RIZ is currently taking pre-orders from their Facebook and by email.