Zoe's Cinelli, FullI have not had much success riding bikes. The last bike with gears that I rode, the chain ring ended up two inches deep in my calf, I was 9.

After I rekindled my relationship with bicycles in 2009 when I moved to Las Vegas for school there was one thing that I knew for sure: my bike will NOT have gears.

I got a Felt Brougham and fell in love with it. Its not a fast bike by any means, but with the option to ride single speed or fixed it was great to get started with. After I gained confidence riding in traffic and all that jazz I wanted to upgrade. The choice was between a Bianchi Super Pista Concept and a Cinelli Vigorelli.

Well… after the decision was made I spent the summer saving and slowly building it up.

Zoe's Cinelli, Fork Dropout

I rode it every day, to work, to school, to the store and just for fun. I had a car and a valid license but even in the dead of summer I rode my beautiful Cinelli. The 2012 US model’s paint, I think, is the best that the Vigorelli has ever been. It is eye catchingly beautiful and has awesome details. Someone even took their jealously out on me on campus one day for it and slashed my tire, but thats beside the point.

Zoe's Cinelli, STI love this bike. The ride is rigid due to the quality Columbus tubing and the No Flex down tube but it is still tolerable on rough roads. The classic geometry won’t get you any super lo pro cool kid points but it is comfortable and fast.

This is the bike that I reached my all time top speed on flat with. The one I got some sprint QOMs on strava with, against Nashville’s quickest roadie women (I’ve now lost them unfortunately). The same one that I tackled the hills of the Tennessee section of the Natchez Trace on. I love this bike.

Zoe's Cinelli, CS

Which made the decision to sell it all the more difficult. With all thats going on with The Fixed Life and the awesome opportunity given to us by our friends at Cycle Project Store to create some awesome new frames, Drew and I have had to make tough decisions on what we can afford to bring back to the states.

It sucks. I love my Vigorelli. But I must let it go. I know that I will have another one some day, it is my favorite frame thus far.

Zoe's Cinelli, Rear Dropout

It was ridden hard and has some minor blemishes on the paint, but has no dents or major scratches. The  paint is chipped where the front brake hole was drilled, but there is no structural damage at all.

Zoe's Cinelli, Fork Hole

Aside from those minor cosmetic issues, this frame is ready to make someone else as happy as the little guy riding on the BB shell.

Zoe's Cinelli, BB

The size is a 54 or medium. (ST 54 TT 54.5)

If you are in the London area and interested shoot us an email.

We prefer pick up in London.

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