Today EighthInch announced the release of their new Dispatch frame! To all  you single speed or fixed with brakes riders check this out! 

“EighthInch debuted their new USA made Dispatch fixed gear bike during the Wisconsin Bike Expo in April.  Combining individually crafted bike frame tubes, Eighthinch creates a unique blend of smooth comfort, responsive feel while still retaining a lightweight and quick handling ride.  With proprietary tubes with varying wall thicknesses and diameter sizes, the Chromoly Dispatch delivers a superior hand-built frame.

Located in Wisconsin, Eighthinch wanted to tap into the deep roots Wisconsin has in the cycling industry.  “Having grown up in Wisconsin and knowing the kind of cycling history Wisconsin has it was important to work locally and build a network of artisan’s to bring the Dispatch to life,” said Jack Rohrbach, Eighthinch’s Brand Director.


With the help of Richard Schwinn and his Waterford Precision Cycles team, Eighthinch found a local partner that understood bike building inside and out.  Jack said, “Richard and his team are legendary in the industry and are known for producing some of the best steel bikes in the business; it was a no brainer to tap into their knowledge and experience to develop our first Wisconsin produced frame.” Although Eighthinch began planning for a US made bike several years ago their collaboration with Waterford and the development of the Dispatch bike began last summer.  


“We have certainly seen a real rebound in US made bikes recently” said Richard Schwinn, Vice President of Waterford Precision Cycles.  “I believe the consumer sees a real difference in performance and function in a handcrafted, finely built bike.  These frames are built to last a lifetime and ultimately the rider truly appreciates and values this craftsmanship.”


Not only did Eighthinch weld the frames locally but also finished the frames by working with the Wisconsin based team at Ultracoat.  “Jack came to me with a unique project… to build a high performance bike frame all right here in Wisconsin!  Without hesitation I accepted the challenge” said John Lapajenko, President and owner of Ultracoat. Knowing that their powder coating experience with Harley-Davidson would come in handy, Eighthinch worked with the Ultracoat team to create the exact color specifications as well as refine the precise frame coating technique that was required to ensure a high quality finish.


The new Dispatch is the top offering from Eighthinch.  With an emphasis on the urban market where a clean, simple, responsive bike is appreciated.  “We appreciate all bikes but when it comes to the fixed gear urban riders, there are special things that help with the ride,” said Jack.


The Dispatch is ready for immediately delivery and is offered as a frameset or in three complete build packages (51, 54, 57, and 60cm frame sizes).  The Dispatch is available in the unique colors of Sabbath Black, Oh-Yeah Red, and Pearl White.  


Learn more about the exact specification and details on the new Dispatch from Eighthinch.”