Yesterday we held our first official race An American Alley Cat In London! We have never organized a proper race and had no idea what to expect. WE WERE TERRIFIED but everything turned out awesome! 


When we rolled up to Bream Street there were already a ton of people. Registration went smoothly thanks to so many people pre registering online. Racers got their manifest, double checked their routes, and began to focus on the task at hand. At the last minute we had to cut the first checkpoint at City Hall due to a festival.



Everyone lined up their bikes for the start…


And they were off!


Just seconds after we arrived at the finish with all of the prizes first and second place came storming in. These guys are seriously quick!!! First place was taken by Will Phillips a local courier. Second was Sven Bunzek, a favorite to win the race. Coming in third was Szilard Gacso. Also pictured above are fourth and fifth two other local couriers who are also seriously fast.


Corinne Price came in first for the women. This is Corinne and Will claiming their first place prizes, two sweet frames. As people continued to flood in the hanging out commenced.



Lots of laughs, tons of bike talk, and a lot of beer was the name of the game.


After all of the racers made it to the finish Zoe started the “raffle” which turned into a game of “who wants free shit!!!”. Everyone got into a big group and Zoe started throwing prizes in the air. alleycat1

When the last of the raffle items were thrown we all continued to hang out for a couple of hours. This was a great group of people coming from near and far to have some fun on a Sunday. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Everyone was extremely nice and we hope that they had fun.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who came out and made this race possible. Without you guys and girls we would be fucked. We would also like to thank all of the sponsors who helped out with this event. Everyone was excited about their prizes!

More photos and videos will be posted in the coming week or so. If you raced and have photos or video please send them to us here. This race was FUCKING AWESOME and we can’t wait to put more together soon!


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